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Dr. Guadalupe Esteban Vázquez Becerra

Nombre: Guadalupe Esteban

Apellido Paterno: Vázquez

Apellido Materno: Becerra

Grado Académico: Doctorado

Área de especialidad o de investigación: Geodesia

Nombre de la Licenciatura cursada: Licenciatura en Ingeniería Geodesica

Nombre de la Maestría cursada: Maestria en Geodesia

Nombre del Doctorado cursado: Doctorado en Geodesia

Publicaciones Recientes:

  1. G. Esteban Vázquez B., Rick Bennett and Joshua Spinler (2014). Crustal Deformation Analysis at CGPS Sites Spanning Mexico (in preparation).
  2. G. Esteban Vázquez B., Rick Bennett, Mijaíl Cordero C., Manuel E. Trejo Soto and J. Ramón Gaxiola-Camacho (2014). Short Baseline Calibration using GPS and EDM Observations. Geofísica Internacional (accepted).
  3. D. Adams, C. Minjarez, Y. Serra, A. Quintanar, L. Alatorre, A. Granados, G. Esteban Vázquez B. and J. Braun (2014). Mexican GPS Tracks Convection From North American Monsoon. EOS, Transactions American Geophysical Union. DOI: 10.1002/2014EO070001.
  4. G. Esteban Vázquez B., Rick Bennett and Joshua Spinler (2013). Assessment of Pseudorange multipath at continuous GPS stations in Mexico. Journal of Positioning. doi:10.4236/pos.2013.43025.
  5. G. Esteban Vázquez B. and Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska (2013). GPS PWV estimation and validation with Radiosonde data and numerical weather prediction model in Antarctica. GPS Solutions 17:29–39. DOI 10.1007/s10291-012-0258-8.
  6. G. Esteban Vázquez B. and Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska (2012). A case of study for Pseudorange multipath estimation and analysis: TAMDEF GPS network. Geofísica Internacional (2012) 51-1: 63-72.
  7. G. Esteban Vázquez B., Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska and Buckhard Schaffrin (2012). Traditional and Alternative Network Adjustment Approach for the TAMDEF GPS in Antarctica. Geodesy for Planet Earth, International Association of Geodesy Symposia 136, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.
  8. G. Esteban Vázquez B. (2009) Geodesy in Antarctica: A Pilot Study Based on the TAMDEF GPS Network, Victoria Land, Antarctica. Geodetic Science Report 492.
  9. G. Esteban Vázquez B. (2008) Analysis of Stochastic Properties of GPS Observables. Geodetic Science Report 490.
  10. Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska, G. Esteban Vázquez B. and Larry Hothem (2006) Geodetic Antenna Calibration Test in the Antarctic Environment. GNSS Meeting Fort Worth Texas.
  11. G. Esteban Vázquez B. (2003) Performance Analysis of Geodetic-Grade GPS Receivers Based on Zero Base Line measurements. Proceedings of the ION 59th Annual Meeting/CIGTF 22nd Guidance Test Symposium, pp. 188-199 Albuquerque, NM.
  12. G. Esteban Vázquez B. (2002) Precise Positioning Estimators Based on the Stochastic Analysis and Alternative Variance covariance Matrix of GPS Observables. Proceedings of the Symposium of Geodesy, Dept. of Geodetic science and Surveying, The Ohio State University, Columbus OH, October 1-4.

Nombre de las asignaturas que usualmente imparte:

  • Sistemas Globales de Navegación Satelital
  • Practicas de Sistemas Globales de Navegación Satelita
  • Sistemas Globales de Posicionamiento
  • Practicas de Sistemas Globales de Posicionamiento
  • Geodesia Satelital
  • Geodesia Física